Wellness Center Testimonials

    • Garry_Ellsworth

      Gary Ellsworth

      Production Supervisor

      Gary is a Production Supervisor for the Laitram Machine Shop. He was initially interested in learning what types of services the Laitram Wellness Center would provide, and what benefits it would bring to the company and employees. His first visit to the wellness center was to learn what options were available to help him end his “dipping” habit – he wanted to stop chewing tobacco. He found the wellness center and staff to be very welcoming, and was able to reach his “no dipping” goal after a period of four months. He is now tobacco free and is considering an additional goal of losing weight.


      Fabiana Guerra

      Customer Service Representative

      Fabiana is an Intralox Customer Service Representative who first visited the company’s onsite wellness center in 2013. She was in generally good health, and was visiting for the specific purpose of learning more about the smoking cessation program. She began the program immediately after her first visit and has been smoke-free since (she says it was “easier than you think”). She now has additional goals of losing weight and raising her exercise level.


      Denise Henry

      Plastics Technician

      Denise is a plastics technician at Intralox. She first visited the Laitram Wellness Center when she was having difficulty breathing. She was “greeted with a smile” and a breathing treatment, and was able to return to work. She appreciates the wellness center’s convenience and accessibility, as well as the no-charge policy and the reduced cost (if not free) of some prescriptions when available. She points out that, when a visit to an outside doctor is recommended, the wellness center will provide you with information that will be helpful to the doctor.


      James Murphy

      Field Service Technician

      James Murphy is an Intralox Field Service Technician who spends a great deal of his time traveling for work. A few years ago, he became aware that his glucose levels were out of control and he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Regular doctor visits and consistent use of the prescription medications designed to control his condition were difficult, due largely to his travel schedule. When the Laitram Health & Wellness Center opened, James immediately made an appointment and was impressed by the informative, yet personal approach of the center’s staff.


      Nicole Staudenmaier

      Project Coordinator

      Nicole is a Project Coordinator in the Intralox marketing department. Her first visit to the Laitram Wellness Center was her scheduled post-biometrics appointment. She found the staff to be friendly and easy to talk with during this and subsequent visits. She feels that doctors’ schedules fill up weeks in advance, making it more difficult to get an appointment (and then there is “…the inevitable wait once you’ve arrived for your appointment.”). Nicole regards the wellness center as a “fantastic resource” and “super convenient” for all employees.

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